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Welcome to Minico Industries !

Trust our name to procure top quality Precision components that are highly durable and reliable...

Here at Minico Industries, we are working with absolute dedication and diligence to provide highest benefits to numerous industrial players around the globe that contribute constantly to their country's economy. We bring forth a diverse assortment of industrial solutions including quality approved Plastic Injection Moulded Parts, Pressed Parts and Sub-Assemblies (eg. Automobile Parts, Parts of Bearings, Automobile Bushes, Collet Boxes, Electrical Parts, Components in white goods) amongst others. Impressed with our defect-free industrial components, customers across the globe have recognized us as reputed manufacturers and suppliers. Also, the technical support and all round co-operation we provide have helped us retain a huge customer base. We aim to achieve customer satisfaction at all times and consolidate our position in the global marketplace.

What Sets Us Apart In The Market?

In this age of globalization the competition in the market is very high and keeps on increasing with each passing year. Attaining a stable position in such a marketplace is not easy. We, a Karnataka, India based company have managed to earn a high spot for ourselves by working efficiently and bringing out a tailor-made collection of industrial components, each one of unmatched quality. This feature of our acclaimed range has contributed majorly to the improvement of our market position. Some other attributes to our success in business are

  • The focus of our company always on the customer
  • Our diligence towards enhancing customer satisfaction
  • The unique and helpful customer support that we offer
  • Defect-free packaging in which our consignments are delivered

Our Business Aim

Our dream is to become the leading name in the sector by prioritizing our customers and ensuring their satisfaction by meeting their industrial requirements.To achieve this goal, we have drafted and implemented numerous business policies including establishment of an effective quality management system in our company.

Our Infrastructural Strength

We believe that providing customers the world's best industrial tools like Cooler Boxes and Bushing Cam can get us the success we aim for. To confirm that our clients' receive such perfection, at the time of our inception we constructed a spacious infrastructure facility. This facility has been improved and modified in the past years and today is considered a fine example of excellence. The facility makes us capable of producing up to 10 Tons of industrial tools per month. The facility is equipped with modern machinery that is repaired and upgraded constantly to ensure the continuance of such efficient performance. 

Our Experience

The three decades of experience we have garnered assists us in perfecting our business abilities. This vast experience that we have gathered has provided us with valuable knowledge and expertise in the field. We are working to continue our efforts to attain the satisfaction of each of our customers in near future as well.